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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions relating to the functionality of the app. If your question is related to the Hospital you are attending, please see the contact details in the “My Hospital Information” page of the MIATA app.

How do I update my Expected Due Date?

To change you delivery date, click the settings icon settings icon on the App home screen, then "My Details" and tap the date that appears under "Expected Due Date".

How do I reset my Password?

On the App menu screen, click the settings icon settings icon, then click "My Details" and the last option on this page is "Click to Rest Password".

How Do I turn on/off notifications?

Within the settings section of the app, there is a section called "Push Notifications". Below this is "Notifications 'On/Off', to turn notifications off, press the icon to the right of this. settings icon

Can I change the “Hospital Attending” setting?

Click the setting icon on the menu screen. Under the heading "Hospital" you will see the current hospital that is setup. If your hospital has signed up to use this Maternity App, your Hospitals name should appear here in the dropdown.

How can I close my account?

To close your account, you can do 1 of the following:
1. Within the setting screen of the app, click close account and fill confirm your name and email address.
2. Email and request that your account be closed
3. Visit and fill in the short form

Does closing my account remove all my information?

In order to support you and provide you with the best experience while using the app, our system ONLY stores your email address, the hospital that you are attending, your date of birth and your due date. To have this removed from our system, you have to request to close your account here.

To delete information that you have added to the app, such as notes, reminders and appointments, delete the app from your phone and this information will be removed.

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You will soon be able to download the Maternity App from all App stores. Until then, please leave your name and email and we will notify you when the app is available. 

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