Your Maternity Information and Tracking App

A mobile app for people attending your hospital, that can be fully customised to include your own antenatal booklet information, with options to also include any other educational leaflets and flyers.

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Booklets & Leaflets

All hospital documentation in one easily accessible location.

Pregnancy Diary icon

Pregnancy Journal

Add appointments, set reminders and keep track of everything with Pregnancy notes.

For Partners Too

Fully customisable for partners and supporters of the new mum.

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Miata For Hospitals

Miata is a quick and cost effective way for Your Hospital to have its very own mobile app. Research shows that people aged 25-34 spend more time on mobile apps than any other age segment examined.

Top Hospital features include;
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Alert Message

Highlight important messages to the people attending your hospital as soon as they open the app.

Hospital Page

A fully customisable Hospital page that makes important phone numbers and email addresses easily accessible.

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Antenatal Booklet Icon

Booklet & Leaflets

Present your Antenatal Booklet and all your Maternity Information and Leaflets in a quick, easy to use format.

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Reduce Costs

As content can be added & edited at any time, huge savings can be made on booklets, leaflets and other printed materials

All Your Hospital's documents in one place!

Setting your Hospital up on Miata, means you are able to include all the information within your Hospital’s Antenatal Booklet, allowing you provide up to date information as well as saving a substantial amount on printing costs.

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Pregnancy Guide Booklet
Pregnancy Leaflet on Eating when Pregnant
Pregnancy and Carbon Monoxide
Leaflet on Exercising While Pregnant
COVID 19 and Pregnany
Pregnancy Leaflet on Breastfeeding
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There is no limit to the amount of information you can add to your Miata app and you have the ability to add further content, such information leaflets, educational handouts or even other related booklets new mums usually received when attending your hospital.

Maternity Hospital Screen

Dedicated Hospital Page

People attending your Hospital, will be presented with an option on the Menu Screen called “My Hospital Information” where they will see details that you control including;

Information Alert Area

This box appears at the top of your Hospital page allowing you present important notifications to people attending your hospital.

Quick Contact Details

As a Hospital, you will have the ability to add all your important contact information to all departments within your Dedicated Hospital Page.


Created with Hospitals
& Users in Mind

Booklet & Leafets

Dramatically reduce printing costs by including all your documentation on the app

Message Alerts

With Instant Alerts and dedicated boxes, you can present notifications in a flash

Pregnancy Journal

The user of the app can set reminders, add appointments and document notes

An App for Partners

Miata has the ability to present different information for "Partners" & "Supporters" of the new Mum

Baby Kick Tracker

The App has a Baby Kick Tracker, that will allow mum record the time and date when she feels a kick

Health & Fitness

Your Hospital can promote a healthy pregnancy by including video health and fitness exercise tips

Link to Online

Within specific sections Hospitals can include links to online sources to allow the user access more information

Hospital Contacts

Add & update dedicated phone numbers and emails addresses for all specific departments

Search Feature

A user will be able to search a topic or keyword, making the information ever more accessible.

A Maternity App for Partners Too!

Miata has the ability to present information, customised for a ‘Partner’ or/and a ‘Supporter’ of a new Mum. 

For Mum
Mothers Phone Screen

The Pregnant Woman having the baby.

For Partners
Supporters and Partners Pregnancy Phone new

Those who wish to support the New Mum on the Pregnancy Journey, such as Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers or Friends.

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Due Date: 16th May 2022


You will soon be able to download the Maternity App from all App stores. Until then, please leave your name and email and we will notify you when the app is available. 

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